Monday, March 18, 2013

When Lily was Adoptable

Like so many pet parents who have adopted their furry friends in the age of Petfinder, our first "introduction" to Lily was via her online profile. I'm always curious about what initially attracted people to their pets, so with that in mind, I thought I would share some of Lily's online "adoptable" profile, as well as a few of the photos which accompanied it. I consider the photos to be her "baby pictures," in a way, since of course we don't actually have any photos of her as a puppy (apologies for their blurriness, they're not terribly high-quality).

So, without further ado, here are the first words we read about Lily:

"I'm a sweet beagle mix. I am four years old (which is really young for a beagle) and ready to bring joy and fun to my new family! With classic good looks and soulful brown eyes, people have commented on how I am "the perfect little beagle," but my sweet disposition is really the heart of what makes me perfect!

I am full grown at 21 pounds, having shed the baby weight from my recent pregnancy. Thanks to my nurturing, my pups have grown into strong dogs, and now I am ready to find my own home. Being a single mom hasn't been easy and living in a dreary and overcrowded shelter only made things worse. Now that my pups and I have been rescued, I am relieved that our futures are bright. You just can't stop me from smiling!

Since I am a little lady, I would be happy in an apartment or a house. As long as I get my daily exercise, I am not particular about the size of my new place. I love both dogs and cats and would be happy to have a furry friend. I could be equally happy as an only dog. I am gentle and patient with kids and would make a super family dog. Basically, I love everyone and no matter how many kinds of family members you have, I will fit in just fine. I would also make a great companion for a single person.

I would love to play outside, snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV, or stroll around the town. I am easy going and eager to please, so I am up for any new adventure! My foster mom says I am "so sweet" and "such a good dog." It's true! I'm a lovebug!

I am a smart girl and will work hard to learn my new routine. I am likely crate-trained, but will need a refresher on housebreaking. My foster mom says I only had one accident in the house, so I think that is good!

If you are interested in adopting, please submit the Adoption Questionnaire..."

Who could resist this cuteness?!

Now, to be fair, not all of this information about Lily turned out to be strictly true. Our vet thinks she was actually three years old when we adopted her, not four, and she was/is most definitely not crate-trained; in fact, she despises being crated (more on this in a later post). Also, while she is entirely gentle with children and everyone else, she is not terribly patient with them and will often try to make her escape from the loud noises and sudden movements that typically accompany interaction with a child.

Still, this profile gave us a good feel for Lily's personality and obviously intrigued us enough to set up a real, in-person introduction. And the important parts, about her being gentle, great with other dogs and cats, and being "so sweet" and a "lovebug," are 100% true!


  1. OMG, that face! I can see why you fell for her!

    1. Right?! I tell her all the time that she's too cute for her own good ;)