Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lily and the Snow

Lily is originally from South Carolina. She was pulled from a high-kill shelter there and brought to the Washington, DC metro area by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue so that she would have a better chance of finding a home. Whether because of her being used to warmer South Carolina weather or for some other reason, Lily is not a fan of the snow. She would much rather "hold it" inside indefinitely than go out to potty when the cold, white stuff is on the ground, or, even worse, falling from the sky. If forced to walk on/in it, she will often hop around on three legs in an awkward attempt to keep at least one of her paws warmer and dry.

Often, the only way I can get Lily to potty in the snow (or if it's pouring rain, for that matter) is to pick her up, carry her out into the middle of the yard, and stand there with her until she goes. After which, of course, she makes a mad dash to the door and sits impatiently on the doormat, waiting for me to catch up and let her back inside.

"Can we go back inside now?!"


  1. Ha! Melvin and Jake are the same way, they do an about face at the door if it's raining or snowing. Love Lucky Dog Rescue. Love Lily's coat also!

  2. Thanks! We bought and returned half a dozen others before we finally found a coat that fit ;)