Friday, October 18, 2013

Find-a-Home Friday: Darla

Update on some of the adoptable animals previously featured on "Find-a-Home Friday": Diego, Clover, Corey, and Tallulah have all been adopted! Zeke is still looking for his forever home.

Zeke is still waiting for his forever family to find him!

Today's adoptable pet is Darla. Darla is being fostered through the Washington Humane Society by an acquaintance of mine who does a wonderful job fostering and finding homes for sweet Pit Bull-type dogs. These dogs are often overlooked in shelters because of the unfair stereotypes and discrimination against their breed. Pitties make wonderful, loving, and loyal pets!

Darla's foster mom says: "When I first saw Darla, she was so thin that you could see every bone in her body. She had been left in an apartment for weeks with no food, and she was barely rescued in time. Darla had every reason to hate and distrust people, but instead she falls in love with every person she meets. She is trusting, loving, sweet, gentle, and is a complete cuddlebug. I do a lot of fostering, so I have a large pack and dogs are coming and going all the time. Darla deserves a home with more consistency and less chaos. She would do best in a home with a submissive dog or by herself. She is incredibly loyal and will love her forever family unconditionally."

Darla is approximately 3-4 years old. She currently weighs about 35 pounds but still needs to gain a bit more weight; a healthy weight for Darla will be about 40 pounds.

Interested in adopting Darla? Want to get more information? Call or text her foster mom, Gibby, at (413) 427-0471 or email her at gmbbooth@gmail. Darla would love to find a forever family to snuggle up with and keep warm as the weather gets colder!

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