Friday, October 11, 2013

BJ is Adopted!

I am thrilled to announce that BJ (now Beage, pronounced "beej") was adopted exactly three weeks ago, after spending exactly three weeks as our foster. I am even more thrilled to announce that he was adopted by my wonderful aunt and uncle, which means that I will get to continue to see him!

Beage on his first day in his forever home, on the deck with his new dad (my uncle).
Beage has been transitioning well to his new home, making slow but steady progress. My aunt says that "he is just adorable and incredibly sweet." I'm so happy that he found such a fantastic, loving home and so excited that I will get to continue to follow his adventures for the rest of his life. Lily is looking forward to having a playdate with him soon :)

Beage in the kitchen in his forever home; he was given the bandana he's wearing around his neck by his new vet for being such a good patient at his first appointment.


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!

  2. Hooray!!!

    Stop on by for a visit