Wednesday, August 7, 2013

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Lily decided that despite the rest of the couch being empty, the only space worth lying in was the few inches behind me. To be clear, I did NOT sit on her, I was there first! Silly girl.


  1. The positions that Ollie nestles himself into for comfort baffle me. The other day he fashioned himself into a neck pillow. Lily was seeking out the warmest spot, and I think she found it. :)

    1. Lily's a bit too big for neck pillow attempts! Sometimes I think she's part mole with how much she likes to shove herself into small spaces (particularly her face, at which time I always marvel at her ability to continue to breathe with her nose, say, stuffed into my armpit). There may be a separate post about this in the future if I can get some decent photos of her antics ;)