Saturday, August 31, 2013

Introducing BJ!

Introducing BJ, Lily's new foster brother! BJ is our first full-time foster (click here for an explanation of the differences between full-time and short-term/temporary fostering) and our first foster through Animal Advocates of Howard County. BJ was adopted from a local shelter as a puppy and returned about a week ago, three years later. He ended up on the euthanasia list at the shelter, but I pulled him yesterday, so now he's safe and hanging out with us until his forever family comes along!

Here are photos of BJ in the shelter:

And here are some photos of BJ settling into our home over the past 24 hours:

Being hand-fed his first dinner in foster care by Peter
Despite the look on her face in this photo, Lily really does like BJ. Mostly. She's just a drama queen.
Gotta love those beagle ears!
More to come as we get to know him!


  1. BJ!!!! Yay for all you! He is so cute, and clearly, one lucky dude! Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Hi BJ!!!

    Stop on by for a visit