Monday, July 8, 2013

Find-a-Home Fridays

I originally started this blog both as a place to write about and post photos of Lily (as an attempt to slightly ameliorate the fact that she was/is slowly taking over my facebook page) and as a way to bring attention to the adoptable dogs I foster and otherwise encounter through my volunteer work with various animal rescue organizations, principally Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. While the Lily aspect of the blog is chugging along smoothly, I feel like I've been slacking in my efforts to also use this blog to help other dogs who are still searching for a forever home like Lily has already found.

So, to rectify this lacking, I have decided to start a new feature which I will be calling "Find-a-Home Fridays." On (most) Fridays, I will post about an adoptable dog whom I find especially appealing and who is in need of a good home. The likelihood is that many of these dogs will be available through Lucky Dog; that is the organization with which I am most involved and therefore also the organization with whose dogs I am most familiar. However, I have a (somewhat masochistic) habit of occasionally browsing Petfinder, so there will also likely be some dogs I stumble across through that avenue. In addition, I will encourage any friends I have who are currently fostering (or any readers of this blog!) to send me photos and info about their foster dogs so that they too can gain a little extra exposure by being featured on the blog.

I do want to give credit where credit is due and (gratefully) acknowledge that this idea was inspired by my friend Lynn over at Faith, Trust, & Foster Pups and the "Share the Luck" feature she does on her blog. And, the decision to run the feature on Fridays was inspired by the "Adoptable Fridays" over at Dog Shaming (if you're not already addicted to Dog Shaming, you should be). I figure, the more of us who are working to raise awareness about the many wonderful adoptable pups out there, the better!

I also want to acknowledge that I realize that my little blog has relatively few readers. So, if you see a dog featured on Find-a-Home Fridays who you think is particularly cute, or who you think might be a great match for someone you know, PLEASE share my posts! Share, share away :)

Stay tuned for the first installment of Find-a-Home Fridays at the end of this week!


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