Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lucky Dog 4th Anniversary Barbeque Celebration

This past weekend we attended Lucky Dog's anniversary barbeque and fundraiser, held at the same great location as the doggie Easter egg hunt. We weren't able to attend this event last year because of a scheduling conflict, so I was excited that we were able to make it this year!

When we arrived at the event, we parked on a nearby street and began walking towards the house/yard where the barbeque was being held. Lily started whining in excitement as soon as it came into view; I'm not sure if this was just because she saw all the other dogs or if she remembered how much fun she's had at past events there, but I like to think it was the latter. We entered the yard and Lily immediately wandered off to investigate all the interesting smells and other dogs while Peter and I checked in at the registration table (we had purchased our tickets online in advance).

check-in table
The food at the barbeque was stellar, both for humans and dogs! The human food included hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, chips, several different kinds of salad, watermelon, brownies, cookies, and cake, as well as assorted soft drinks, beer, and wine. The food for the dogs, provided by Dogma Bakery, included three different kinds of dog treats, as well as two different flavors of doggie ice cream (peanut butter and cheese) and doggie beer. Spoiled lucky Lily got to try all three kinds of treats, both flavors of doggie ice cream, and doggie beer, as well as a piece of Peter's hamburger.

grilling food for the humans
Dogma Bakery table
doggie ice cream and treats
doggie beer (with samples) and treats
Lily sampling doggie ice cream
Lily trying doggie beer
The "entertainment" at the event included a DJ and a silent auction, but ultimately, of course, by far the most entertaining thing to do was watch the dogs enjoy themselves. The pups got to run around and play off-leash on the 1.5 acre fenced property. There were four kiddie pools set out for them to cool off in (I tried to get Lily to partake in this activity, but she was having none of it-- I had to settle for pouring some cool water over her back instead). There was also agility equipment set up for the dogs (and their owners) to try out.

silent auction
more silent auction
kiddie pools (notice Lily all the way on the right)
little boy helping his dog cool off in the kiddie pool
Lily immediately exiting the kiddie pool when I tried to put her in it
hanging out with other dogs
doggie greetings
Despite Lily's antipathy towards the kiddie pools and the agility equipment, I think it's pretty clear from the photos I took that she had a great time! This is definitely an event that will get added to our annual roster.

tired Lily in the car on the way home


  1. What a fun BBQ

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. What an awesome day! Lily, you lead quite a wonderful life - as it should be!!!!!

    1. Aww thanks :)Making her happy makes me happy!