Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Won!

Recently Kelly over at Annie & Paul's World hosted a giveaway contest for 10 free bully sticks to celebrate her blog's one year anniversary. Lily loves bully sticks, but we don't buy them as often as she would probably like because they can get expensive. So when I saw this contest I excitedly entered, though having unsuccessfully entered a number of blog giveaway contests in the past, I had no expectations whatsoever that I would win. Therefore, I was very pleasantly surprised when that was exactly what happened! Lily was even more pleasantly surprised (okay, she was ecstatic) when the package arrived and she discovered what was inside.

"Oh my god, it's a box full of bully sticks?! You can't be serious."
"I'll just help myself, then..."

The bully sticks are much larger than I expected them to be, which is great because they'll last longer. We usually let Lily chew a bully stick for an hour or so and then take it away and give it back to her the next day. That way she doesn't consume the entire thing in one night (also, we usually give them to her in the evening, and if we didn't take it away before we went to bed we'd never get any sleep)!

In addition to the bully sticks, Kelly also included a sweet note about how she hoped Lily would enjoy them as much as Annie and Paul do. I think it's pretty clear that Lily loves them!

Thanks again to Kelly, Annie, and Paul for hosting this great contest!


  1. This is adorable, and provides hope that you can in fact actually win one of these contests. Congratulations Lily! Enjoy your winnings!

  2. Glad to see that Lily enjoying them! I'm surprised how long they last her! for us, they tend to last about 20 minutes until they're gone!

    1. Smaller ones don't last her quite as long, but these big ones last her a couple of hours each at least! To be fair, she only weighs 25 pounds-- it looks like Annie and Paul are bigger than her :)